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Traditional music and song of Britain, Canada and New England.

Celtic Crossing presents a captivating repertoire of traditional Celtic-American and original compositions delivered with passion, skill, and grace.
  Jay Ungar
  ...one of those groups that simply has a great time giving its audience a great time. On stage these highly accomplished musicians are as chatty and relaxed as if they just popped up in your living room: they all look wholesome enough, but there's a lively intelligence and more than a glint of mischief to their interplay that always keeps you on your toes. And the music is something else...
Mikhail Horowitz / The Woodstock Times

Abby Newton photo Abby Newton is well-known for her recordings with the Scottish singer Jean Redpath and other leading folk musicians. She has appeared several times on National Public Radio's Prairie Home Companion. Fiona Ritchie recently devoted an entire program to her career accomplishments on The Thistle and Shamrock, a nationally syndicated broadcast on NPR.

Abby's recent CDs Crossing to Scotland (1997) and Castles, Kirks, and Caves (2001) have earned her critical acclaim both in the U.S. and abroad. Castles, Kirks, and Caves was recorded at historic locations in Scotland. It combines Celtic and Baroque music of the 18th century Scotland.
Celtic Crossing

Lyn Hardy began her singing career with The Putnam String County Band in the early seventies. The group included Jay Ungar, John Cohen (of New Lost City Rambler fame), and cellist Abby Newton.

In the mid-eighties Lyn joined some of her more irreverent friends to form the well-known group: Rude Girls. Lyn wrote most of Rude Girls original material. She is an accomplished song writer and solo performer. Her song "Ballad Of Francine Hughes" has been chosen by the Smithsonian Institution for a four CD collection of "new" folk songs called,"Folk Song America a 20th Century Revival" and Ronnie Gilbert has recorded Lyn and David Hornung's "Girl In The Red Velvet Dress" on her latest album.

Lyn's singing has been described as rich, honest, strong, stirring and straight from the heart. She is known for her rock solid rhythm guitar playing having played for square, contra and swing dances for more years than she would like to admit! Whether it's a concert, coffeehouse, festival, workshop, or a children's show, she gives her all!
Lyn Hardy photo

Deborah Nuse photo Deborah Nuse specializes in Celtic traditional music on the fiddle, Scottish small pipes and Border pipes. She has toured and recorded with Ensemble Galilei and with Coleen Donahue in the duo, Callanish.

She has also performed with Jean Redpath, Jean Ritchie, Jon and Peter Pickow, Ed Miller, Jane Murphy, and Lisa Gutkin. Deborah has played for New England contra dances with the bands Spontaneous Combustion and Absence of Mallards. She plays for Scottish country dances with Celtic Knot.

Deborah is also a fine singer and a former member of the folk duo Farther Shore. She is our newest addition and we're delighted with the instrumental and vocal range she brings to the group.
Celtic Crossing

David Hornung is a third generation accordionist who has been squeezing boxes since he was seven. He is both a musician and a visual artist who, for relaxation, writes contemporary tunes with roots in British and American folk idioms. Some of the tunes have even been pronounced "not so bad" by discerning listeners. He has also contributed accordion parts to recordings by Priscilla Herdman, Michael Jerling and Abby Newton among others. David Hornung photo

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