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Abby has been producing records for other artists since the early eighties. Many musicians recognize the need to have someone whose ears can be trusted to oversee recording projects. Producers are hired for their musical knowledge, communication skills, organizational ability, and creative judgment. It also helps to have a soothing voice that doesn’t grate when requesting “just one more take” (perhaps the 16th) on a vocal track. The producer is responsible for scheduling, hiring, musicians and engineers, and helping the artist with musical decisions from instrumentation to arrangements and interpretation. Above all, the producer must listen very carefully to every note, breath, and interval that appears on tape.

Some of Abby’s projects have been:

Priscilla Herdman - Darkness into Light, Star Dreamer, Day Dreamer, Moon Dreamer, Forever and Always, Seasons of Change

Jean Redpath - Songs of Robert Burns Vol. VII, Leaving the Land, A Fine Song for Singing, Haydn Scottish Songs, The Scottish Fiddle; Music and Songs

Pat Humphries – Hands

Cathy Winter - Next Sweet Time, Traveling Home 

Lyn Hardy & Rude Girls - Mixed Messages 

Herdman, Hills, and Mangsen – Voices

Also, recordings by Linda Russell, Steve Schneider, Bobbie Wayne

If you have a recording project that needs production assistance: