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"Abby was wonderful. Her music filled the uplifting spiritual exposure to traditional music."

"Newton plays with sensitivity and soul..."

Abby Newton is well known  for her groundbreaking work in the revival of the cello in American and Scottish traditional music.  In the late-70's, she began performing with The Putnam String County Band, making it the first modern string band with a cello.  At the same time, she began an active and continuing recording career where she has co-produced and performed on over a hundred folk recordings including 16 CDs with Scottish singer Jean Redpath. 


Abby's solo CDs "Crossing to Scotland," "Castles, Kirks, and Caves," and "Ferintosh" have earned her critical acclaim in the U.S. and abroad.  She has appeared on Prairie Home Companion several times. Fiona Ritchie of the NPR show, Thistle and Shamrock, did a feature program on Abby's music and her influence on the folk cello movement. 


She has toured with her band Ferintosh throughout the UK and US, and currently plays with the Skye Trio.  At her magical home in the Catskill Mountains she holds annual cello retreats, as well as zoom or in-person private instruction.

Abby has been on the forefront of bringing the cello into traditional music.  She has created two books for cello transcribing the airs, strathspeys, and reels from traditional and contemporary sources, making these available to students and teachers. The books are available on this website.  

photo: Joni Lohr

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